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  • 1 Day Cleanse

           - Includes 5 juices 

           A great way to reboot your immune system & increase vitality. Your 1 Day cleanse can be supplemented with a single soup or salad to ease the detox process. Allow yourself to rest as needed. Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Perfect for beginners

  • 2 Day Cleanse

           - Includes 10 juices & 1 shot 

           This 2 Day cleanse is designed to deepen the detoxification process. The daily wellness shots will reduce inflammation and support the cleansing of your major organs. This cleanse is meant to be experienced without any supplementary items other than what is provided. Allow yourself to rest as needed. Drink plenty of water and herbal non-caffeinated teas as needed.

  • 3 Day Cleanse

           - Includes 15 juices & 3 shots 

           This 3 Day cleanse is similar to the previous cleanse but with an extra shot.

These are unpasteurized beverages. No sugar, water added.

*Due to no additives or fillers, occasionally our recipes may look (color fluctuation) or taste differently.

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